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  • Julie Kristine Woie

The most exciting thing that has ever happened at Bruford

Sir Ian McKellen is coming to Bruford next week. Yes, the legend. It came out of the blue. Suddenly we all woke up to an email saying we were in for the experience of a lifetime if we just reserved a ticket at 9.15 in the morning. I am not a morning bird, but luckily I was already coming in early that day and was one of the first people to sign up!

I danced around in a bubble of bliss until the news hit: We would be in tech rehearsals during the talk, and wouldn't be able to go after all. I swear, I nearly cried.

We walked around, hating life, for about two days. That's how long it took for our kickass-principal to sort everything out, and now we're released early to see the Talk. With a capital T.

I mean, this is great. A month ago I had lived in London for nearly three years without ever seeing a single celebrity. Not a single one. You start to doubt their existence. And then 'Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass' had its European premiere in Leicester Square and I took the trip just in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Johnny Depp. That's how pathetic I am. But guess what? He was there. And not only was he there. He was 3 ft away from me and I could see his gold teeth. I didn't know he had gold teeth. But he's got gold teeth. He was also wearing a very cool suit. And Mia Wasikowska was there. And Tim Burton. I was just stood there, thinking -

Nothing. That's how beautiful the moment was.

And now Ian McKellen. You know, I'm starting to really like London.

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