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Project Cold Turkey - Day 3 and 4

Okay. This one-video-a-day-project can go and eat a carrot.

Firstly, I don't have a camera, and every time I've tried filming with my iPhone I've ended up filming half my face because I couldn't see anything. And I can't keep filming with the selfie-camera because it looks like crap.

Secondly, how do you make a fun video about doing nothing? Because that's exactly what I've been doing. Nothing.

I swear, I feel ill. Yes, it might be the three years of constant stress that have finally gotten to me and made me collapse. Or it might be all the turkey sausages I've eaten. But if it's the whole sugar thing, then sugar is a scary substance.

I googled sugar withdrawal symptoms and found this cheerful article listing a whole bunch of horrible things that may happen to you when you go sugarfree. I've got pretty much all of these.

  • Anger V

  • Anxiety V

  • Appetite changes V

  • Cravings X Wrong. I have no cravigns because I've lost all my appetite. (Which is probably because of those turkey sausages.)

  • Depression V

  • Dizziness V

  • Fatigue V

  • Flu-like: "In some cases, people actually experience a severe reaction to cutting sugar from their diet that results in very low-grade flu-like symptoms. If you have this severe of a reaction, it should subside within a few days. Most people will not experience this particular symptom when they cut sugar, but everyone is affected differently."

Hell yeah. V

  • Headaches V But that's only because I've been wearing my contacts for too long.

  • Insomnia V

  • Irritability V

  • Mood swings V Already have too many moodswings. I don't need more. Help me.

  • Shakes: "In some cases, people can actually shake when they drastically cut their sugar consumption. These shakes are usually a result of cold turkey withdrawal, but are typically not too severe; they will eventually subside. This is actually a fairly common symptom among people who stop consuming sugar that were previously consuming high amounts." Ehrm. Yes. That would be me. V

  • Sleep changes X

  • Weight changes X

They forgot nausea though. V

But I am way too tired now. Good night. I'll try to write every day, but won't make pointless videos of me staring into the camera eating a carrot (I actually did that....) Because if people decided to watch that, they've probably got severe psychological problems.

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