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  • Julie Kristine Woie

Project Cold Turkey - Day 6

Okay. I got really ill.

It's funny. I mean, good thing I gave up on this thing for a while or I would have died a premature death. But this means that I'm repeating my excuse from day 4: I was so ill I couldn't walk straight, not think straight, let alone write a blog post. So. I'm writing this now, a day later than I should. (I put the publishing date to the 6th so that it would LOOK like I was on time. But I'm never on time. Everybody knows that. And I should just accept it.)

This is what life felt like:

But actually, today, or yesterday, whatever, I feel a lot better. I'm feeling POSITIVE. I'm feeling CONFIDENT. I'm feeling LIKEICANDOTHISY'ALL. Considering I've been alone all week, rotting away, eating pizza for breakfast and not showering until 6pm - I'm doing surprisingly fine. I'm not so shaky anymore, and have a lot more energy. And heck, I don't even miss my daily intake of sugar! But then again, that's probably because I baked brownies with honey instead of sugar and it was like, way too buttery, but really good. And that made me happy. And because I was so happy I decided to play cello all day and now I can't feel my fingers and the neighbors hate me even more! :)

I also watched 'Brokeback Mountain' and didn't like it for 4/5 of the movie, and then suddenly I started bawling my eyes out and thought the last fifth was the best thing I'd seen all my life.

It was a good day.

The Phoenix

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