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  • Julie Kristine Woie

Project Cold Turkey - Day 2

I'm doing it. I've now gone three days without sugar - I'm behind on my posting, but I've been suffering from sugar withdrawal and my brain capacity has shrunk by a quite a substantial amount. #validexcuse. I'm shivering and shaking, I slept 3 hours last night and spent the day watching Jimmy Fallon and belting so loudly that I'm positive all my neighbors despise me with a passion. Some are probably deaf too.

Though I've turned into a vegetable, I've realised constant singing is a great technique in overcoming sugar addiction. Because you can't eat while singing. So if you just keep singing, you won't need any sugar. Hello.

Day 2 was great by the way. I made a smoothie, vegan soup and scones. Focusing on healthy, fabulous food so that I won't die of sadness due to the lack of chocolate in my life.

The Phoenix

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