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Kristine Woie


(the real one)

Mobile: You wish, don't you?

E-mail: I prefer letters. More charming. 

Spotlight: Noun // a strong, focused light thrown upon a particular spot, as on a small area of a stage or in a television studio, for making some object, person, or group especially conspicuous.


Height: Taller than Tyra Banks

Build: Amazonian

Weight: Thicker than Kate Moss, thinner than your mom

Eye color: Red, like Voldemort. But I wear contacts, so you would never know.

Hair: Bald


Recent productions:


Stuff at drama school. You don't care anyway, do you?

I've played on TV though. Norwegian film awards 2012. Greatest moment in my life. Naomi Rapace walked right past me. I didn't know. 


Accents: Norwegian-American (Stavanger, Oslo, Bergen, Bodø - Extreme to light flow) Norwegian-RP, Norwegian-Australian, Norwegian- Southern American, Norweigan - New York and Norwegian-Valley Girl.


Skills: Walking(highly skilled), Ben and Jerry's binge-eating(highly skilled), tea-making(basic), tweeting(intermediate) reading(Norwegian - highly skilled, English - intermediate, Swedish - basic), remembering to call my mom sometimes(basic).


Musical skills: I can play the recorder.

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