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Good morning/afternoon/night

I'm a very tall, stereotypical Norwegian and a massive chocolate addict. I'm also an actress and a musician.


Three years ago, I decided to escape free education to study for a very expensive degree in England - and this summer I graduated with a (peculiar) degree in actor/musicianship - a theatre form combining acting with playing musical intruments (in my case, violin/viola and cello)


Besides binge-watching James Bond with my dad, eating Ben and Jerry's and going to church festivals alone, I like travelling to foreign countries and talking to strangers. However, I tend to be very shy at big, hip social gatherings, so rather than getting drunk at parties, I prefer spending some quality time alone with my imaginary boyfriend.


I hope to one day become president of the United States, write a book about trolls and save the world from a killer-robot catastrophy. 




Have a wonderful day and remember to eat lots of chocolate.




Julie Kristine Woie

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